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Welcome Back

As most of you know the Ladies Auxiliary for Branch 614 is up and running again. We were all so happy on March 19th 2008, when Judy Stinson, Rose Green and Pat Shone come into the branch to swear in the new executive. We have catered to the Jazz band for the seniors, the St. Patrick's Dance, Live Band Western Dance, Seniors Year End Dinner, a wedding, 50th Anniversary Dinner and a few funerals. With more events on the calendar for this year as well as a couple of bookings for 2009.

We have a strong group of Ladies working together, with Anna Wilkins McCelland, Sheila Harris, Heather Vanslack, Shirley Reeves, Celia Whitehead, Deanna Aspen, Flo Hamill, Bonnie Ho, Maureen Holdum, Debbie Fallis, Mary Gagliardi and myself. If anyone is interested in joining the Ladies Auxiliary please see me for more information.

We have a lot of fun working together preparing for these events and I thank them all for their hard work in the past few months.

We appreciate all the support the Legion has given us and we hope if you are in need of catering for your next event you will speak with the Ladies about working with you.

If you know of anyone that is holding an event please direct them to our Legion. We look forward to being of service to you all in the coming months.

June Hayes

Ladies Auxiliary President


Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary

The Royal Canadian Legion Ladies' Auxiliary is comprised of mothers, wives, daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, sisters, granddaughters, great granddaughters and widows of Legion members. In some Commands, membership is also open to women in the community.

Most, but not all, branches have Auxilliaries which come under the jurisdiction of the Branch. Major contributors to the day to day life of the branch, auxilliaries provide financial and volunteer support to Legion programs.

Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to become a member of the ladies Auxiliary only, or a member of both.

Members of the Ladies' Auxiliary support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and their dedicated service enrich the programs and activities of the branch.


The Closing

In 2006, after years of declining membership and much difficulty in attracting new and younger members to the Ladies Auxiliary, they were forced to close and disband. There was simply not the members left to form an Executive.It was therefore with much sadness that the Branch accepted the closing of the RCL Branch 614 Ladies Auxiliary after almost 40 years of faithful service.

Over the years many many Ladies Auxiliary members have donated their time, financial support and committment to our Branch. The Branch is gratefull to all of the Ladies Auxiliary members for their many years of service to all the members of our Branch and our community.

Ladies gather for a final social in June 2006

Officially the Branch 614 Ladies Executive turned their Charter back over to the Branch for safekeeping in December 2006.

Branch 614 President Sheila Harris accepts the charter from L.A. Branch President Shirley Reeves along with a final donation to the Branch of over $7,800. Looking on are L.A. members Marie Felton on left and Lola Guiler on right.

The Beginning

On September 25th 1967, the Ladies Auxiliary of Branch 614 held their founding meeting and on February 23, 1968 they received their Charter. Merle Lister was the first elected President.

Ever since this date, the Branch 614 Ladies Auxiliary have served faithfully through hard work and dedication during all the good times and difficult times. They have, over the years, provided a much needed source of income for our Branch , through fundraising, catering and numerous other events.

The donations to the Brach over the years have totaled well in excess of $400,000.They have always been an invaluable tower of strength, active and willing participants in Branch events while providing much needed and welcome volunteers for our many Branch activities.

For more information on these early years and the imporrtance of the Ladies Auxiliary, take a trip down meory lane with a visit to our Branch History page.




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