Royal Canadian Legion Branch 614
Scarborough Centennial Br.614

Year 2017

The Branch will celebrate its 50th Anniversary of Service to our Veterans and Community at a celebration on Feb 25, 2017.

Year 2016

Both Wayne Hayes and June Hayes were re-elected as Presidents of Branch 614 and the Ladies Auxiliary.

We Lost 2 Past Presidents Comrade Sheila Harris and Comrade Keith Edwards

Year 2015

Year 2014

Both Wayne Hayes and June Hayes were re-elected as Presidents of Branch 614 and the Ladies Auxiliary.

On June 6, 2014 the papers to sell and leased back our Branch for fifty years less two days were signed sealed and delivered to the International Group

Year 2013

The President Wayne Hayes, Executive and Branch membership starting on working on how to resolve the branch financial problems with the assistance and guidance of Command the branch looked at several options..

During this process the International Group – President Ken Reucassel made an offer to buy the Branch and its property and lease it back to us for $1.00 a year. a deal made in heaven so to speak. In October 2013 the general membership voted to go ahead with this great deal.

Year 2012

Both Wayne Hayes and June Hayes were re-elected as Presidents of Branch 614 and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Late 2012 Branch 614 started to talk about what we could do with the Branch to pull it out of the tail spin that we were in.

Year 2011

Both Wayne Hayes and June Hayes were re-elected as Presidents of Branch 614 and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Comrade Karen Moore was elected as Deputy Distict ‘D’ Commander

Year 2010

Both Wayne Hayes and June Hayes were re-elected as Presidents of Branch 614 and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Year 2009

Both Wayne Hayes and June Hayes were re-elected as Presidents of Branch 614 and the Ladies Auxiliary.

A Sad note Comrade John Jeffrey pass away.

Comrade Sheila Harris was elected the District D Commander.

Comrade Karen Moore was elected as Zone D5 Commander.

Year 2008

May, Wayne Hayes was elected President of Branch 614.

Comrade June Hayes was elected as President of the Ladies Auxiliary and other joint team running Branch 614.

Year 2007

May, Branch, 614 elects it’s first Associate Member John Harris as President.

Comrade Sheila Harris is elected as Deputy District D Commander

Year 2006

December , A sad note for Branch 614 we no longer have a Ladies Auxiliary, their charter has been turned in by the Ladies, they will be sadly missed.

Year 2005

The Ladies come through with another $5,000.00

Year 2004

May 4th, another Colour Poster at the Provincial Level, Sharooz Ghayouri in the Junior category.

Once again Branch 614 has generated a Zone D5 Commander in the person of John Jeffery this is getting to be a habit.

Year 2003

June, well the reins have been turned over to a new President after a very long time of Service, by Comrade Keith Edwards to one of our previous Presidents Comrade Len Benson.

July, the Poppy Committee has a big job ahead of them with having to change the green centers in the hundreds of poppies we have on hand to black and I am sure Comrade George Creig and his committee will get the job done by the end of October.

August, Comrade Frank Dvorak receives his Life Membership. Branch 614 has two gold medalists in the Dominion finals, this year, both coloured posters Queenie Chan, in the junior category and, Emmy Chan in the intermediate category. This is another first for any branch – Well Done Branch 614

November 16th a certificate of appreciation was presented to Comrade Jack Harper for his service to the branch over the years. Another $5,000.00 from the L.A.

Year 2002

November, the ladies do it again another cheque in the amount of $10,000.00 from L.A. Also in November, the branch together with our longtime President Comrade Keith Edwards mourns the death of his wife Sheila Edwards.

Year 2001

January, the Branch purchased a new sound system. February, Branch 614 introduces a motion to change their general meetings to the second Sunday of the month and purchases and installs a new sound system.

April, it was with deep regret that we lost our Tattoo Chairman Bob Cottingham who started the annual tattoo.

May, Well we have done it again folks with a Provincial Public Speaking student in the Senior Category Dimitri Edirmansinght with a first place, his subject (Drunken driving.) we also had, a runner up in the Intermediate grades 7-9 Andrew Seo. Again, Comrade Val Haley and her Ladies come across with a cheque of $8,000.00? . On June 3rd, the New Patio finished and rededicated by Rev. Trevor Denny.

October, Branch 614 has sent their condolences to Post 457 in response to the 9/11 events in New York City together with financial aid of $1,000.00 to help in the relief effort. October 14th, Comrade Harry Northy is presented with his 50 year Legion Pin and Comrade Don Grant, is presented with a Certificate of merit, and Comrade Ethel Cook is presented with a Life Membership on behalf of the L.A.

Year 2000

May, Comrade John Jeffery is presented his Life Membership.

June, About 25 couples traveled to Halifax for the Dominion Convention and a great time was had by all A great collage was made by Don Grant and is hanging in the solarium, you can see all the smiling faces.

Year 1999

February, Thank you for the tax exemption, our normal bill for the year would be $42,819.59 a 62% exemption saves us $26,890.32 almost half, what a relief. February 8th Branch 614 decided to designate a portion of the solarium as a non-smoking area on a trial basis.

Two of our Youth Ed students make it to Provincial level, and we have one student going on to Area Public speaking, under the guidance of Grace Jeffery. The Branch was spruced up with a new paint job in the downstairs area.

September, Branch 614 traveled to Cambridge for their Annual Warriors day Parade at the invitation of one of our, Past L.A. Presidents, Comrade Billie Martin.

November, the Certificate of Merit was presented to Comrade Gord Joice. A motion was also made to change the printing of the bulletin 3 times a year.

Comrade Rolly Hearl is presented with his LMS.

Year 1998

May, Sports Chairman, Karen Moore held the first horseshoe tournament, this would become a weekly event and eventually becomes a 2-night event Fun was had by all! The Pits were in need of much repair and with the thanks to Comrade George Crow who undertook this job and put everything in order.

Our history would not be complete without the mention of Dennis Hennigar and Jim Mcguire who donated their time as musicians for Easter Seals, Sunday Pub Days, the Christmas Party and so many other events free of charge.

Under the Sgt @ Arms Rolly Hearl and his colour party the Branch was represented at the special Olympics held at Birchmount stadium. September, the sponsored Pee-wee ball team won the GOLD medal award in the District D Competition.

Our President Keith Edwards presented $5,800.00 to the Scarborough Grace hospital for the purchase of a Med fusion Syringe Infusion Pump.

Under the direction of Comrade John Jeffery Branch 614 along with all the other Legion Branches in the City started work with Councilor Nunziatta and thanks to all their hard work managed to get the service clubs throughout the City of Toronto a tax exemption with the Municipal portion of their taxes.

December, the Branch starts initiating Affiliate Voting and non-voting members. This means that our Honorary members must change their category much to their dislike.

Comrade Rolly Hearl finally got to chair a general meeting and our Ladies have come through again with a Cheque of $15,000.00 under the presidency of Ethel Cook, well done again Ladies. ANever did so few do so much.

Year 1997

January the Branch sponsored the Derry Flute Band they marched in the Oshawa Santa Parade and on the trophy as the best marching band, much to Sgt @ Arms Rolly Hearl our colour party did not get anything.

Branch donates lounge furniture to Legion Village. Another first for 614 teams for, cribbage, seniors bowling, and seniors doubles bowling have all advanced to, the, Provincials, t so many different chances to bring glory back to 614.

Branch colour party under the directions of Sheila Harris represents Branch 614 at the dedication of the wall of Remembrance, in Newyark N.Y.

The Branch presents friendship awards one for Post 457 Phelps, another to VFW Post 2883 in Newyark N.Y. as well as one to Leigh Whiteback who has moved to Arizona.

Hey Girls are finally officially allowed to join the Colour party under the direction of Biff Fardy even though nobody wanted to admit we where doing it before.

Funny how rumors travel seems if you have a little financial problem, you are about to close one of our past presidents Al Plowman rectified this topic at the Zone meeting.

Our seniors club under the direction of Franck Bovaconti has to mentioned because between of their generosity over the past five years donated a various items shelving units, garden shed, electronic sign, ceiling tiles for the lounge, sign holders for the Tattoo Remembrance plaques, solarium furniture, and refrigerator, as of this writing they have donated $39,000.00. Comrade Sheila Harris is presented with her Life Membership.

November – the first November fest has came and went -yes gone but not forgotten, a sold out crowd ate, drank and was merry, folks polkaed the afternoon away under the direction of Allison Pynn

Under the Past President Len Benson was in charge of the 30th Anniversary the Pub day Celebrations, where a great success. The Branch changes its by-laws so that persons running for office have a choice of what they wish to run for, Poppy, Service Officer, Sports, Entertainment, and Ways and Means rather than what the President appointed.

Year 1996

A Les Harding memorial fund has been set up, for our past Branch Padre who served us well for many years and May 5th the dedication took place, with the cross, on, the top of, the Cairn replaced, and, a plaque on the cairn itself.

June 10th the Branch had 5 members in the District Walk-a-thon and brought in $1,139.00 Flo Peachey, Ron Cain, Eleanor Hearl, and Bill Whitehead well, done guys.

The Branch picked up the sponsorship of The 188 Royal Canadian Army Corps, under The Leadership of Gord Joice and Awhere called their friends for life@ with a public acknowledgment in the paper.

September, the Branch welcome our new Padre – Rev. Trevor Denning from St Peters church which was Rev. Harding home ground and boy is he a good singer. Again those ladies are something else under the Presidency of Betty McGlade the Branch was presented with another cheque for $7,000.00.

Year 1994

January 10th, Branch 614 purchased 3 electronic infusion devices (IV) and presented them to the Scarborough General Hospital.

April 11th, the Branch purchased a lo-vision reader for $3700.00 and presented it to the CNIB

May, the Branch elected Comrade Keith Edwards to the post of president.

June 3rd, once again the President of the Branch was happy to accept a check in the form of $5,000.00 from the Ladies President Billie Martin as usual the Ladies always seems to come around with there hard earned money when it is needed.

September was with pride that Comrade Dawn Ward our membership chair reported that the membership was up to 1004 as it had dropped considerably with the last year.

On behalf of the branch President, Comrade Keith, purchased a chair for Ear Nose & Throat at a cost of $6000.00 , which was donated, to the Scarborough Grace Hospital as well as another $2.250.00 to purchase a Dextra Mark 54X, which is also used for nose & throat. You have heard the phrase Agive and you shall receive@ well our ladies just gave us another check for $5,000.00.

Past President Len Benson receives his M.S.M. Boy do we train them well at 614 another Honour as Comrade Dawn Ward becomes the 5th member of Branch 614 to become the Zone D5 Commander.

Well Branch 614 sure opened a can of worms with their new dress code. Short sleeved shirts, epaulettes, medals, shoulder badges etc. for summer dress seems Dominion did not like this too much. Oh well. Therefore a resolution was drafted and passed, then on to Zone, passed, and on to district where it was also passed, but no such luck with command.

Well here we go again, the boys in the branch seem to have trouble making money but our ladies came through under the Presidency of Pearl Eggleton with a cheque for $10,000.00.

Comrade Vic Goode reported that the Branch had achieved the highest total for the Poppy campaign with receipts of $38,710.020 the best total of all Zone D5. Comrade Bill Whitehead the Youth Ed Chairman reported a first for 614 with a total of 23 winners at the Zone level.

Comrade Ray Martin the Sports Chair reported that one of our euchre teams won the District D and will be representing the Branch at Cornwall.

Year 1993

Feb.21st The District Special Events Co-Chairman – Comrade Sheila Harris headed the first District Easter seal fun day for Zone D3 and D5 that was held at Br. 614 and successful in raising over $9.264.20. A Great time was had by all when the 4 Zones participated in a competition between the Zones Zone 3 and 5 beat out 2 and 4 by a mile. One of our members Mary Lawrence won a trip to Niagara Falls.

Comrade Bill Whitehead the Ways & Means Chair, held the first sweetheart Ball and a profit of $587.00 was realized. March, the first accumulated 50/50 draw was instituted under the Way & Means Chairman Sheila Harris

April – Branch 614 had its first Dominion Winner in the Junior B and Poster Jason Chan and his poster appeared in the Sun add for the November. Another bonus for Branch 614 Sheila Harris would carrying on the tradition as she was elected to Zone Commander and was the 4th person elected to this position.

May, the Branch under the direction of the First Vice President Comrade Keith Edwards and his committee who spent all night baby sitting a roasting Pig, (not sure who got roasted but it was fun) the first pig roast was held they where very proud as they carried this pig apple and all into the Branch when it was time to eat and a great time was had by all. Branch, 614 elected its first team of husband & wife on the executive.

Year 1992

The seniors extended an invitation to the Orillia, Sutton and Branch 617, for a day of Entertainment.

The Senior Poem Provincial Level student was none other than Heater Barne from the Agincourt Collegiate for the November 1991 contest, this was announce by the Youth Ed Chair – John Harris at the Scarborough Civic Centre Service on November 8th . Our branch became secure when the new alarm system was installed. In December our branch membership topped 1000 members.

Year 1979

In early 1979, the Branch lost a fine gentleman with the death of Comrade Bob Emery.

By February, the Ladies’ Auxiliary had donated well over $100,000.00 to the Branch and all this in addition to the many other things they had done for us and also donations to many other causes.

Sports were now a big thing at the Branch and many of our teams were competing and doing well in Zone and District events. Darts were especially popular. A fair income was generated at this time from the sale of lottery tickets and for a long time, Comrades Dick Kirby and Sheila Harris worked hard for the success of these sales.

In September, tragedy struck the Branch with the death of Past President, Stan Lister, who, as previously noted, had been a tireless worker for Branch 614. Comrade Stan, a Life Member, had been presented the Legion’s highest honor ‘The Legion Meritorious Service Medal’ a couple of months previous. The main hall, since dedicated as the S.R. Lister Hall, was absolutely packed for his Memorial Service.

Year 1978

This year began with 729 Members. The Branch became involved with the Red Cross Blood Clinics holding some in the Branch. Following the Branch elections in May, there was again a husband and wife team when Comrade Charles Brooker and Comrade Grace Brooker were both elected as Presidents to the Branch and Ladies’ Auxiliary.

The branch was again faced with a financial crisis, but with a supreme effort from all fund raising committees and our ‘Angels of Mercy’ the Ladies’ Auxiliary, the Branch managed to pull through. There as, however, a few things learned from this financial crisis and thanks to Comrade Ray Tuokko, an improved system was put into effect.

The Branch Members defeated a motion to accept Associate Members. Some also favored the idea of having fraternal membership but the majority said ‘no’.

Year 1977

Membership was still soaring with a figure now over 700.

In March, Comrade Dennis Buckell arranged the first Branch participation in the Public Speaking contests.

On April 9th, the Branch celebrated its 10th Birthday with a gala day. Both the Dominion and Provincial Presidents dropped in to offer their congratulations and to speak briefly to some of the 375 Members who attended the event.

Up to this point, the annual Church Parade had taken place on Brimley Road thence to our Padre’s church but in 1977, it was started at the Agincourt Mall and the service was held in the parking lot of the Branch. The 10th Anniversary Church Parade was held on Sunday June 5, 1977

The same year at the Warriors’ Day Parade at the C.N.E., Comrade Sam Wright led the Branch corps to its highest peak by winning the Goodyear Remembrance Trophy for the best unit competition.

What is now an annual event began in December 1977 with a Christmas Party for the children at the Lawson Residence on Ellesmere Road. Before this, numerous gifts of heavy-duty bicycles, furniture and televisions had been given over the years.

Year 1976

At a Branch general meeting in early 1976, the Ladies’ Auxiliary astounded Members by presenting a cheque to the Branch for $10,000.00. Since then, this has been a frequent occurrence. With the Branch registering nearly 650 Members, it became the largest Branch in Zone 05 and Comrade Sam Wright President Len Benson (right) and Past President Stan Lister cut ribbon at official opening became President #4 in May, 1976. Susan Dollar became the 4th Ladies’ Auxiliary President following Merle Lister, Beulah Barrett and Val Haley. Victoria & Grey Trust, before granting a mortgage, required that 100 Members of the Branch sign guarantee notes to the value of $4,000.00 each and in November 1976, the mortgage was approved. Around this time, the Metro Legion Village Home was started in West Hill thanks to the support of Branch in District “D” The Branch Children’s Committee was also started and this was aimed primarily at assisting handicapped children. Comrade Len Benson got this project moving and a few years later, Al Gill took it over and it is well known what he has done for these youngsters and the schools involved with them.

Year 1975

In August Mr. Frank Bovaconti. became Chief Steward following Mr. Bachman’s resignation. For the period November 1975 to November 1976, the Royal Canadian Legion celebrated its 50th Anniversary and the Branch marked the occasion in a variety of ways.

Year 1973

In February, the Sod Turning ceremony took place. The option on the western parcel of land was taken and purchased and following the usual negotiations and plans, the work on the new building commenced. Metro Toronto put in a rider on the contract stating that if the Branch ceased to use the land for Legion purposes within ten years, the land would revert back to Metro Toronto at the original purchasing price. This rider unfortunately, proved to be a hindrance when the Branch endeavored to negotiate a mortgage.

In May, Comrade Benson was elected as the third President of the Branch. By June, the new building as very evident and Mr. Robert Bachman was hired as Branch Manager. With these promising signs, Membership took an upward swing and the 400 mark was reached in early September. Naturally, at this time, work for the Executive Committee increased considerably and many decisions had to be made. Although there was still much to do, the Executive met in the new hall for the first time on September 19th.

On Tuesday October the 9th, the initial General Meeting was held in the new hall and the vast majority of Members voted to demolish the old building owing to its state and the money required for upkeep. The big day arrived on Saturday, Sept. 13th, when President, Len Benson and Immediate Past President Stan Lister, officially opened the new building.

Now began the struggle for a mortgage. The Imperial Bank of Commerce was provisionally funding the project but they wanted their money back. The financial situation became very acute and Members helped out by loaning money to the Branch. Comrade Al. Gill hosted an inter-house sports program and the New Year’s Eve dance, one of the many projects run by the Entertainment Chairman, Frank Fernandez, realized a profit of $1,800.00. At the end of September, 1973, Branch Membership recorded its 500 Members. Another first, the Ladies= Auxiliary hosted a group of Veterans from Sunnybrook Hospital at the Branch.

Year 1972

On Monday, January 31, a special general meeting was held to look at prospective builders plans for a new building. Members who now totaled over 100, debated and asked questions eventually voting almost unanimously that the Branch go ahead with plans for a new building.

By April, the Membership exceeded 200 and the Branch had two full time stewards and our Branch Bulletin produced by Comrade Charles Wille was awarded a runner-up certificate in the Provincial Command contest. The Branch sponsored baseball team reached the finals of District Pee Wee tournament and further Branch success was the first place finish for a color party at the Scarborough ‘Canada Day’ parade.

Year 1971

In the spring of 1971, the Branch sponsored hockey team challenged the Branch Members to a game and a real fun afternoon resulted. Several Members held ‘stag nights’ at their homes; mainly Marty Werlich and Ovid Dollar. At the annual Pine Hills Service, an air poppy drop over the graves of Veterans was made on the initiative of Branch President, Stan Lister. In September, the Branch received our ‘Club License’ and a month later the Ladies’ Auxiliary held the first of many successful Bazaars.

Year 1970

The first Ladies’ Appreciation Night was held at the Squires Tavern and in May 1970, President Stan Lister became the first Branch delegate to attend a Dominion Convention. Of course at this time there was a lot of firsts to be noted and one was the first $1,000.00 night this was held at Br.258. Our Ladies’ Auxiliary produced an absolutely marvelous buffet. Br.10 offer of another loan was quickly accepted enabling the Branch to speed up the remaining essential work.

In the fall of 1970, the sponsoring of functions in the community started with a Hockey Team in the Agincourt Lions Hockey League. This has continued all through the years. Branch teams of euchre, darts, cribbage and shuffleboard, etc. were organized and competed in inter-Branch competition.

As a Memorial to all deceased Members, Comrades Bill McCullough and Charles Masson erected a Memorial Cairn built from stone and wood salvaged from the old farmhouse. The Cairn now stands just outside the main entrance. Regretfully, both these fine Members passed away within a short time of each other.

On Saturday October 3rd, the official opening of the building took place. Guests included: Robert Stanbury, M.P., Tom Wells, M.P.P., Abe Campbell (Metro Mayor), Bob White (Scarborough Mayor) Ron Watson (Alderman) and many Legion Dignitaries. By the end of 1970, there were 146 Members on the roll; many of them working hard to raise much needed money.

Year 1969

However, it was not all plain sailing for in the fall of 1969, due to problems again with the Scarborough Planning Board, all work on the building was temporarily stopped and there were threats of padlocking the building. To compound matters, the Fire Marshall=s Department was also making things tough. The outstanding work was completed and Saturday evening Socials began with about 30 people patronizing the Branch. At this time though, there were no washrooms available and the ladies grouped together to find relief at the Buckellis garage (which later became the Ice Cream Parlor). Mr. Buckell was very good to our Branch and helped us in many ways, mainly loaning us some of his heavy machinery, which was reliably used by our Comrade, Joe Gorman.

The building of a septic tank and the 1aying of pipes was a big job, finally completed on a very cold and raw day in November 1969. Here again, we were fortunate in having an expert, Comrade Dennis Buckell, to take charge.

At the end of 1969, the Branch had another financial concern and our Treasurer, Comrade Al Plowman, froze all spending for a short period bluntly informing all Members that a sum of $1,500.00 had to be found within two months to pay current accounts.

There was however a brighter 1ight appearing for Comrade Frank Fernandez formed a small group of musicians that were so entertaining that eventually around 9:00 p. m. on a Saturday evening, a ‘Sold Out’ sign had to be put on the door. These evenings had a feeling of friendship and generated warmth and hanks to Frank and his friends, hardly costing the Branch anything.

Year 1967

Several formative meetings in the latter of 1966 then on January 18, 1967 in the recreational room of 123 Bellamy Road. North 51 prospective members completed the forms and paid the $7.00 dues and the Legion Charter was applied for.

The Charter was granted at the end of February, and henceforth we would be known as SCARBOROUGH CENTENNIAL BRANCH NO. 614 (in honor of 1967 Centennial year)

On Friday, April 28, 1967, at Branch #10 on Pape Ave., the Provincial President presented the Charter to Comrade Herb Baker, a founding Member, became the first Branch President, in attendance at the ceremony were the Mayor of Scarborough – Mr. Abe Campbell and the Mayor of East York – Mr. True Davidson. At that time nearly 50 Members were initiated and together with some transfers, there were 69 CHARTER MEMBERS.



















































Mc KA Y, R. S.